Adel and Richard are a couple in real-life. They lived together as girlfriend and boyfriend for a couple of years before deciding to take a break and just remain friends. When they met again on our set it was obvious there were still strong feelings between them, and the chemistry was very much evident!

We were very excited because not only was this sexual tension going to make for a great scene, but as a couple they would be very in tune with each other and know what the other liked during sex. We encouraged them to enjoy each other after time apart, and to just totally ignore the camera.

This is a scene ripe with real feelings, real intimacy, and because we allowed them the freedom to make love as they wanted there are some interesting moments! Adel likes it a little rough sometimes, and asks her man to spank her and hold her tightly at times. She has a couple of genuine orgasms during the scene and by the time Richard comes they are both very sweaty and weak kneed!